Welcome to Class-Parties.com! This is the place for room moms to come to get ideas and share resources for planning your child's class parties! There are plenty of names that room moms go by these days.. Room Rep, Room Parent, Classroom Volunteer, Classroom Representative, Class Party Planner, and even Room Dad; but we all have pretty much the same function: to assist your child's teacher and to plan fun and memorable parties for your child's class! So that's where Class-Parties comes in. We have great kids craft ideas for each holiday and season, fun kids snack ideas, printable letters for parents, kids games, party crafts and activities as well as many more room mom resources!! If you are a new room mom, be sure to start off by reading my article "Organizing a Class Party". Enjoy!
Organizing a Class Party
It's always a good idea to talk to the teacher before you start planning your party or purchasing items. You may plan everything ahead of time and then come to find out that a student has an allergy or that certain decorations aren't allowed. Read More
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Valentine's Day
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for a lot of ideas to use for your child's Valentine's Day School Party. We have crafts, games, snack ideas and more!
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Print out our Room Mom binder to help organize and plan your class parties. These resources will help ensure that your school parties will be fun and exciting! Print out this 45 page binder and calendar by clicking the links below. You'll need the Adobe Reader.

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